SEMPAL Repair station. It is enough to service tens of thousands of our meters 

             SEMPAL operates a system of multi-stage rigid control of reliability and product quality. Every detail, product and process is repeatedly controlled.

    For example, each SEMPAL ultrasonic heat or water meter is repeatedly subjected to additional severe electrical, temperature and mechanical tests for reliability. These tests are carried out with the help of special calibration and test equipment.

    Many testing methods used in the production of SEMPAL devices and equipment are analogous to methods of complex equipment.

   Such a strict control of reliability and quality in the manufacture of devices from SEMPAL has led to the fact that the repair shop in the company is completely absent. Repairs of single devices are handled by only one employee in addition to his main work. At the same time the total number of installed SEMPAL devices is several tens of thousands for today.

    Our customers and dealers are delivered only those products that have successfully passed all the reliability tests. Therefore, we guarantee the SEMPAL equipment works reliably at your site for many years with no repairs, replacements and other operating costs.