When it comes to industrial production of ultrasonic heat and water meters, the long-term experience of the enterprise that produces such devices is of paramount importance. Unlike technically more simple other types of meters (mechanical, electromagnetic, vortex etc.), the development and serial production mastering of ultrasonic meters is a complex scientific, technical and industrial task.

    The thing is that the development of heat and water meters built on an ultrasonic flow measurement method requires advanced knowledge in various fields - in physics, mathematics, measuring technology, construction, methods of precise mechanical processing of materials, electronics, programming and many others. Therefore, the development of such high-precision ultrasonic measuring instruments is a complex scientific and technical problem. In ultrasonic meters it comes to precise measurements of time intervals of up to 10-11 seconds long,  the accuracy of measuring the temperature - up to tenths of a degree, of frequency - up to 10-6 Hz, of distances - up to 0.025 mm.

    After the end of the research period and device development, its serial production has to be organised. At the same time, the technology of manufacturing ultrasonic heat and flow meters is quite complicated and requires high production culture. This is because the slightest deviation in the ultrasonic devices technology of manufacturing leads to a loss of measurement accuracy. In this case, all products released can appear to be defected.

    Therefore, it is extremely important that the company engaged in the development and subsequent mass production of ultrasonic heat and water meters had many years of practical experience in such activities.

    SEMPAL company has more than 20 years of experience in creation and mass production of ultrasonic heat and water meters. Tens of thousands of our instruments have proven in practice to be highly accurate, reliable and high-quality. At the same time, most of our instruments have already been working at facilities for 14 - 17 years without repairs and maintenance costs.

    Today, like two decades ago, we are investing all our experience and knowledge in creating SEMPAL ultrasonic meters. We include the most modern functional abilities in our devices because we are confident that most of our devices will work on your facilities for 15 years or more.