Constantly growing heating and water tariffs have turned payment for these resources into one of the largest cost items for both the population and any enterprise regardless of the scale and form of ownership.

    SEMPAL devices can significantly reduce the payment for energy, bring significant savings in money and quickly pay off. The payback period of our equipment is one heating season or two-three months in Ukraine. In other countries, everything depends on specific energy tariffs and local conditions.

    SEMPAL produces the following types of energy-saving equipment with a significant economic effect:

·     SVTU-10 and SVTU-11 ultrasonic heat meters provide high-precision commercial accounting of heat and water at any facilities with pipeline diameters from 15 to 1000 mm. After installing the meter on your site, you will start paying only for the heat you actually consumed, not at an overestimated tariff tied to the areas of heated premises. Therefore, a possible reduction in the payment for heating can be up to 20-30%.

·     C-11 controllers provide weather and time control of heat consumption at the facilities. You can start managing the heat consumption of your building. Payment can be reduced by 15-20%.

·     SEMPAL modular heating units provide modern automated regulation of heat and water consumption at the site. With this equipment installed, the payment for heat and water can be reduced by 20 to 35%.

·     The SEMPAL Device Manager (DM) software allows to create modern systems of energy resources accounting and regulation. The control and management of all necessary parameters of heat and water consumption at the facility is performed remotely.

The average data on saving money when paying for energy above are taken from practical experience in Ukraine. They are received at the current tariffs and rules, currently in force in the country. Obviously, in other countries with different tariffs and conditions, these figures may differ.

    Today, tens of thousands of SEMPAL devices are being successfully used in 300 cities of Ukraine and abroad at a variety of sites: homes, schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, office buildings, industrial and agricultural enterprises, boiler houses, large thermal power plants and water utilities. Practical experience in the operation of our equipment has shown that its installation and operation at the most diverse sites brings significant economic benefits.


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