SEMPAL company has more than 20 years of experience in the industrial production of ultrasonic heat and water meters. A careful and scrupulous approach is important not only at the stage of instrument development, but also at the final stage of its serial production.

    Heat and water meters are means of commercial accounting. This means that according to the data received from these measuring instruments financial accounts for heat and water as well as heat and water consumption balances for large energy suppliers (central heating points, boiler houses, water channels) are issued.

    Heat and water meters used in commercial accounting must have two important characteristics:

    - high accuracy of measurement at the time of their production;

    - accuracy maintenance during further years of operation. High accuracy of measurements in the device should be ensured as much as possible until the next calibration. The equipment can work with the toughest conditions - contaminated coolant (water), high humidity, temperature changes.

   SEMPAL ultrasonic heat meters and water with DN15 - DN1000 diameters fully meet these two strict requirements for the means of commercial accounting. SEMPAL devices have high measurement accuracy, and maintain their high metrological characteristics stably for a long time.

We never use cheap and poor-quality components in our products as every extra percent of the accuracy reduction in poor-quality meters can bring huge financial losses to their users. In a year, the losses can sometimes exceed the cost of the meter itself. This is why in every SEMPAL meter we use only high-quality materials - cast and welded stainless steel, titanium, high-strength plastics and others.

Our devices use the latest measuring technologies. To ensure high accuracy of the SEMPAL meter, a number of complex measurements are made: signal time intervals - up to 10-11 seconds, temperatures - up to 0.1°С, signal frequencies - up to 10-6 Hz, angles - up to 0.2 degrees, lengths - up to 0.025 mm.

    This careful approach leads to the fact that our instruments provide high accuracy of measurement for 15 years or more.

For more than 20 years, SEMPAL's ultrasonic heat and water meters have been billing commercial accounts for the payment and balancing large CHPs, boiler houses and water utilities. For such companies the total amount of generated heat energy or water can reach millions of dollars per year. With the help of our devices heat and water consumers - from homes, schools, hospitals and small offices to administrative and office buildings, as well as large industrial and agricultural enterprises – pay for real water and heat consumption.