Water utilities


   Water resources are costly, thus high-precision water consumption measuring is an important task for water utilities, water filtering stations and major pipelines.

   Nevertheless, many water supply companies use outdated or cheap equipment for accounting. Such devices are usually unable to provide exact measurements when it comes to big volumes.

   For instance, at some water utilities water consumption is being recorded with flow meters working on difference of pressure drop principle with standard narrowing devices known as diaphragms. However, these meters have modest accuracy, little diapason, low sensitivity and huge pressure losses.

   Another alternative is using water meters based on laid-on or cut-into ultrasonic sensors. In such devices the sensors are laid onto or cut into the pipeline. The drawbacks of this method are that the pipe usually is asymmetric, its internal side is covered with rust and it is almost impossible to mount the sensors with high precision in field conditions. All this leads to a fact it is impossible to get reliable and accurate water accounting despite the manufacturers’ statements.

   On the contrary to above-mentioned devices, only factory-made flow metering sections (FMS) with sensors installed under a strictly defined angle are used on SEMPAL meters with DN10 to DN1000 mm nominal diameters. All metrological parameters are strictly controlled in our company. We produce a variant with cut-in flow meters as well, but we recommend using a factory-made FMS.

   Especially for large water utilities we manufacture meters with lock chamber for ultrasonic flow sensors as well as hermetised flow and temperature sensors. Lock chamber allows remove flow sensors without stopping the flow. Heremetised flow and temperature sensors give them complete protection.

   For example of SEMPAL flow meters using, 14 devices with DN200 to DN1000 mm inner diameter have been installed on the facilities of “Vodokanal-NT” LLC in Nizhny Tagil, Russia.

   Among our clients are “Kyivvodokanal” (Kyiv), “Boryspilsky vodokanal” (Boryspil), “Lysychansky vodokanal” (Lysychansk) – in Ukraine; “Lenvodocanal” (Saint-Petersburg), “Nizhnetagilsky vodokanal” (Nizhny Tagil), water utilities in Dubna – in Russia; water piping in Sao Paolo, Brazil etc.



The meter, depending on the version, can be used for heat accounting at industrial or public utility facilities as well as in residential buildings.

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