Universities, schools and kindergartens


   SEMPAL heat meters are installed in hundreds of schools and kindergartens, as well as in numerous buildings of various higher educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad. High accuracy and guaranteed reliability of our instruments makes them the best solutions for the modern commercial accounting organization at educational facilities.

    As an example of the successful operation of our equipment, we can cite the installation of 28 SEMPAL heat meters with DN 32-80 mm diameters on the housings and dormitories of the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI". SEMPAL devices reliably provide high-precision modern commercial heat accounting in the leading technical university in Ukraine for many years.

    More than ten SEMPAL ultrasonic heat meters with diameters DN 50-100 mm are installed in educational buildings, dormitories and in the boiler house of the National Aerospace University - the leading university of the Ukrainian aircraft building industry.

    The installation of regulators and SEMPAL individual heat points (IHP) in schools and pre-school children's educational institutions also provide great additional savings. Reduction of payment for heat is due to weather and time regulation of heat consumption. With weather regulation the heat consumption of an object decreases smoothly, if outside it gets warm. Regulation, in turn, is based on a reduction in heat consumption at the facility at night, as well as on holidays and weekends.

    The use of temperature controllers and the installation of SEMPAL individual heat points at universities, schools and kindergartens can reduce heat payment by an average of 15-20%, while depending on the specific conditions at the facility, savings can reach 35-40%. For example, after the installation of SEMPAL regulators in schools and kindergartens in Zhytomyr, Chernigov and Zdolbunov, savings of up to 42% of heat payments were obtained only for one heating season.

    Energy-saving equipment SEMPAL allows organizing modern accounting and regulation of heat and water, saves significant funds when paying for energy and quickly pays off. An additional advantage of our equipment is that due to the program Sempal DM all devices are easily combined into modern systems of heat and water accounting and regulation.

    SEMPAL devices have been installed and successfully operated at the buildings of Kiev State University, Kiev-Mohyla Academy (Kiev, Ukraine), Agroecological Academy (Zhytomyr), Bank College (Cherkassy, Ukraine), Westminster University (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) and in hundreds of other educational facilities.



The meter, depending on the version, can be used for heat accounting at industrial or public utility facilities as well as in residential buildings.

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SEMPAL C-11 controller is used in heating, hot water supply, air conditioning systems for weather-depending temperature regulation.

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SEMPAL Modular heating unit (MHU) is designed for automatic regulation of the coolant parameters and distribution of thermal energy in various heating and hot water supply systems for residential, public, administrative and industrial buildings.

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