CHPs, boiler houses, heat networks


   Heat energy generation and subsequent transfer from towns and cities to large industrial and agricultural enterprises in CHPs, boiler houses and heating systems. That is why in addition to quality and reliability, there are placed very strict requirements for the means of thermal energy accounting for high measurement accuracy and stable high metrological characteristics preservation during the inter-calibration interval. After all, every additional percent of the measurement error of heat on large pipelines can lead to multi-million losses for heat-generating companies and heating systems.

   SEMPAL ultrasonic heat and water meters with nominal 100 mm to 1000 mm diameters DN fully meet these criteria and perfectly suit for the modern high-precision heat and water metering organization at large objects.

    An additional guarantee of high measurement accuracy of thermal energy is that in SEMPAL heat meters we use only carefully manufactured and metrologically verified flow meter sections where ultrasonic sensors are fixed at a strictly defined angle. The internal flow sections surface is carefully machined and has a perfectly circular cross-section. Only after this, SEMPAL flow sections cut into a diameter pipeline, providing a modern and high-precision heat meter accounting.

    Our equipment fundamentally differs from many other cheaper devices, where ultrasonic sensors cut directly into the actual pipeline. However, in practice such a pipeline is usually covered with a thick layer of rust and sediments inside and may have not a round, but an oval cross section. For that reason, the heat meters use with ultrasonic sensors sets, embedded in a large-diameter pipeline in the vast majority of cases does not provide the high measurement accuracy claimed by the manufacturers of these devices.

    In turn, a decrease in the measurement accuracy by counters with infeed ultrasonic flow sensors can lead to large negative consequences for the CHPs, boiler houses and heating systems. These include uncontrolled errors in the heat measurement, distorted data on leaks and rushes in heating mains, the inability to balance, the need for unjustified increases in heat tariffs etc.

    Such negative consequences from the use of "cheap" devices with embedded sensors can only lead to huge financial losses, disproporsionate to the SEMPAL large diameter meter cost. That is why when choosing heat meters for CHPs and boiler houses, valuable is not its price, but how much high accuracy of heat measurement in real operating conditions is provided.

    We note that our company also produces heat meters with embedded ultrasonic sensors. However, for the organization of a really modern high-precision heat and water accounting, we strongly recommend to install devices with pre-fabricated metrologically verified flow sections. At present, hundreds of large CHPs, boiler houses and heating systems in all regions of Ukraine and abroad have opted for the SEMPAL heat meters.

    Especially for large pipelines, we also produce meters with a sluice chamber for ultrasonic flow sensors, as well as a hermetic version for flow and temperature sensors. The sluice chamber is designed to remove flow sensors (if necessary) without stopping the flow for repair, replacement or cleaning. Hermetic flow and temperature sensors with protective bushings is designed to enable complete connectors sealing and protection against mechanical damage.

    One of the examples of the successful SEMPAL heat meters use is the installation of our equipment at CHPs and boiler houses in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). The devices were installed within a large project of the Uzbekistan Energy Ministry and allowed to obtain a large economic effect quickly due to the reduction of gas consumption in boiler houses. Another example is the SEMPAL heat meters installation at all boilers in Rivne (Ukraine).

    Practical operation of many hundreds of our instruments at CHPs and boiler houses has shown their high efficiency and an extremely fast payback. Sometimes our devices completely pay off in only 7-10 days from the date of installation. In addition, our instruments are also easily integrated into the heat and water accounting and regulating systems with the help of the Sempal Devise Manager program.

    At present, SEMPAL meters with large nominal 100-1000 mm DN diameters successfully provide modern, high-quality and high-precision commercial accounting in hundreds of large facilities in different countries.

   Among the large heat generating companies in Ukraine and abroad, where SEMPAL equipment is installed there are Darnitska CHP (Kiev), Severodonetska CHP, Kharkivska CHP, Chernigivska CHP, Kramatorska CHP, Pervomaiska CHP, Belgorod-Dnestrovska CHP, Luganska CHP, Izmailska CHP, Ilyichevska CHP (all of them - Ukraine), Orshanskaya CHP (Belarus) and many others.

    Our equipment is also used in large Ukrainian and foreign heating systems and enterprises, including the Kievobloteplokommunenergo PU, the Dneprplosploset heating systems, the Dneprodzerzhinskteploset PU, the Nikopolteploenergo PU, the Pavlogradteploenergo PU, the Cherkassyteplokommunenergo heating systems, Poltavakommunenergo, Oblteploenergo PU, Kirovogradteplo, Donetskteplokommunenergo PU, Kramatorskteploset PU, Vinnytsaarteploenergo PU, Teplotransservice PU of the Rivne City Council, Rivne PU, Krymteplokommunenergo AP, Lutskteplo State Luzhnekteplo, Lubnyteploenergo, Kovelteplo heating systems, Novovolynskteplokommunenergo, KP AlexandriaTechKommunenergo, Kotovskoye KP Teploenergo, Svetlovodskpobut, KP Novograd-Volynskteplokommunenergo (all of them - Ukraine), "Tashteploenergo" (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) and many other enterprises.



SEMPAL C-11 controller is used in heating, hot water supply, air conditioning systems for weather-depending temperature regulation.

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