High-precision accounting and regulation of energy resources is especially important in agriculture because of direct influence on the products cost. SEMPAL ultrasonic heat and water meters are of high quality, reliability and accuracy and ideally match the needs of agricultural sector. The equipment can be combined into a modern accounting system and controlled from a PC with the help of SEMPAL Device Manager program.

   Agricultural enterprises usually have their own boiler houses and are major consumers of water resources. In this case, SEMPAL ultrasonic water and heat meters will ensure reliable accounting for DN100 to DN1000 mm nominal pipe diameters. Our large-diameter devices are working on hundreds of sites and have proved to be a reliable modern means of heat and water measuring. Thanks to ultrasonic method of measuring, their accuracy is independent of the water contamination.

   Even bigger economy can be achieved by any agricultural company if it installs SEMPAL temperature regulators or modular heating units (MHU). This equipment regulates heat and water consumption depending on weather conditions or time schedule.

   One of the examples of our equipment use is the installation of SEMPAL heat meters with DN65 to DN200 mm diameters in the boiler house and on the greenhouses of the «Ukraflora-Vinnytsia» (Vinnytsia) enterprise. The company is a modern Ukrainian agricultural enterprise specialising in vegetable growing in greenhouses. Among our customers in Ukraine are Yahotyn butter plant (Yahotyn), Bakery combine (Vinnytsia), «Desna» beer plant (Chernihiv), spirit plants (Vinnytsia, Korostyshev) and many other enterprises of agricultural complex.



The meter, depending on the version, can be used for heat accounting at industrial or public utility facilities as well as in residential buildings.

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SEMPAL C-11 controller is used in heating, hot water supply, air conditioning systems for weather-depending temperature regulation.

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