Multi-storey houses


   SEMPAL ultrasonic heat and water meters are an ideal solution for multi-apartment houses and provide modern, reliable and high-precision accounting of energy resources.

   Installation of SEMPAL meters significantly reduces the payments for central heating and water supply. This is because the residents start paying the tariffs based not on the areas of heated premises but on really consumed energy resources.

    A large project of SEMPAL equipment installation at 762 multi-apartment houses in Shevchenkovskyi district of Kyiv, Ukraine can be an example of such economy. As a result, thousands of residents started paying for heat by 22.65% less than they did before the SEMPAL meters were purchased.

   During the last few years, 3700 SEMPAL heat meters were installed in apartment buildings in Kyiv under the energy-saving programme of Kyiv city administration.

   Today, SEMPAL ultrasonic heat and water meters work on tens of thousands of residential buildings all over the world. For instance, more than 2000 SEMPAL devices are in service in apartment houses of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Data is collected from these devices remotely, with the help of SEMPAL Device Manager program.

  Temperature regulators and modular heating units can cause even more significant economy – 30% to 35% - and pay back for 1-2 heating seasons.



The meter, depending on the version, can be used for heat accounting at industrial or public utility facilities as well as in residential buildings.

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SEMPAL C-11 controller is used in heating, hot water supply, air conditioning systems for weather-depending temperature regulation.

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