The prices for energy have been steadily growing during the last few years. This is why there is a vital need for modern heat and water accounting in cottages and cottage communities.

   For high-precision heat and water accounting in cottages and private houses SEMPAL offers SVTU-11T RP ultrasonic meters with DN15, DN20 and DN25 mm diameters. These newest SEMPAL meters have a user-friendly multi-language menu with tips and literally talks your language with you.

   An additional advantage is that all SEMPAL meters work on ultrasonic measuring principle and its accuracy, on the contrary to other devices, is not influenced by contamination or impurities in the water. Our equipment maintains high precision stably for a long time. Thus, you are not going to overpay because of wrong data measured by the device.

   SEMPAL meters have an IP-68 level of protection against moisture and dust.

   To collect information from our meters you do not need to go to the place they are installed – with a computer and SEMPAL Device Manager program you can get the data from the devices and control the energy consumption of your cottage remotely. You can build an accounting and regulating system for all the cottage community on the basis of this program. To control the consumption of a cottage community as a whole, a large-diameter (DN-80 to DN-100 mm) SEMPAL meter can be installed.



The meter, depending on the version, can be used for heat accounting at industrial or public utility facilities as well as in residential buildings.

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SEMPAL C-11 controller is used in heating, hot water supply, air conditioning systems for weather-depending temperature regulation.

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