Nuclear power plants usually represent not only a complex of engineering and technical facilities connected directly with the functioning of the station, but also a large satellite cities infrastructure. That is why, the equipment is chosen very thoroughly.

    SEMPAL heat meters have long proved themselves as reliable and modern devices with an ability to not only account heat energy and water, but also to regulate energy consumption at sites and remote transmission of all necessary information to the computer.

    SEMPAL meters are operated at some sites of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

   As an example of SEMPAL equipment use in NPP satellite cities, an ultrasonic heat meter can be installed with a nominal diameter DN 600 mm at one of the largest gas boiler houses in the Kiev region, the Slavutich boiler house. The city is located near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and most of the residents are its employees. With the help of SEMPAL equipment, a high-precision modern accounting of the heat energy is conducted, as well as an operational remote transmission and all necessary data monitoring with the help of the program Sempal Device Manager. They made it possible to improve the boiler efficiency. On the basis of promptly arriving information on the amount of generated heat and other measured parameters, it was possible to optimize the boiler house operating mode and significantly reduce the amount of gas consumed. Note that the project work, installation and equipment at this facility have also been carried out by SEMPAL.



SEMPAL C-11 controller is used in heating, hot water supply, air conditioning systems for weather-depending temperature regulation.

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