Administrative buildings


    Administrative buildings are often large heat and water consumers. These facilities include the parliament buildings, various ministries and departments, regional, city and district administrations, as well as other government bodies.

    When choosing equipment for installation on public buildings, there are always the highest requirements to its accuracy and quality. Particular attention is also paid to the reliability and impeccable reputation of the equipment manufacturer or supplier, since all purchases are made for public funds.

    SEMPAL and the products produced by our company fully meet these criteria.

    Our company has a large number of successful projects for the installation of SEMPAL ultrasonic heat and water meters on administrative buildings for various purposes. This made it possible to organize a truly modern and reliable accounting of energy resources at these facilities.

   Additional temperature controllers and SEMPAL individual heat points installation on administrative buildings gives even greater savings when paying for heat and water. The program Sempal Device Manager allows to combine our devices into a single system of accounting and regulation of heat and water consumption and to monitor all necessary parameters on the computer.

   Among the administrative buildings on which our equipment is installed are the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ukrainian National Bank, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Arbitration Court of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, City Hall, Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Main Post Office of Ukraine and many other facilities.

   A large number of SEMPAL devices are installed abroad. For example, in Uzbekistan, our equipment is installed at facilities like the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Oliy Majlis (Supreme Council) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Bank of Uzbekistan, the Republican Exchange and the Currency Exchange of Uzbekistan and many others.



The meter, depending on the version, can be used for heat accounting at industrial or public utility facilities as well as in residential buildings.

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SEMPAL C-11 controller is used in heating, hot water supply, air conditioning systems for weather-depending temperature regulation.

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SEMPAL Modular heating unit (MHU) is designed for automatic regulation of the coolant parameters and distribution of thermal energy in various heating and hot water supply systems for residential, public, administrative and industrial buildings.

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