The company SEMPAL was founded in 1992 in Kiev, Ukraine.
In the early years, the team of the enterprise was a small group of developers, which was formed from scientific employees of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as well as from experienced engineers and developers who previously worked in closed enterprises of the military-industrial complex.
Such initial staff for many years ahead predetermined the main approaches adopted by the company:
- Careful scientific approach in the development of new instruments and software;
- Increased requirements for accuracy, reliability and quality of products.


The first serial model of the single-channel ultrasonic meter NМВ-93.02 was released. Most of the released devices of this model worked at different sites for more than 14 years after installation. So, ultrasonic heat meter НМВ-93.02 is №1 and in 2017 it was still successfully used. This is 23 years of reliable operation of SEMPAL equipment.


The serial production of the improved model of the single-channel water and heat meter NМВ-93.02 was mastered, in which the most modern elemental base was used at the time.


The company develops and develops serial production of the first ultrasonic water and heat meters NМВ-93.02 with two independent measuring channels - even smaller sizes with even greater possibilities.


The development is completed and the serial release of the first version of the new two-channel ultrasonic meter is serialized. Most of the devices in this series work at sites for more than 16-18 years. A significant number of devices are still in operation.
In subsequent years, numerous advanced versions of the heat and water meter SVTU-10M have been mastered, which has proved it to be a reliable and modern device for high-precision commercial metering of heat and water in different countries.


The first version of the "SEMPAL Device Manager" program was developed. The program allows to create a unified system of accounting and regulation of thermal energy and water based on the equipment of the company "SEMPAL". In the future, upgraded versions of this program will be released.
The development and mastering of serial production of several types of devices that provide additional functionality are completed: flexible regulation of heat and water consumption; collection, storage and modem data transfer; many other functions.


The production of equipment for the non-pouring checking of ultrasonic heat and water meters, as well as for their diagnostics in the course of their operation at facilities, has been mastered.
The serial production of a new two-channel counter SVTU-10 begins. The instrument completely reworked the main technical solutions, significantly improved the accuracy and stability of measurements, expanded functionality.


The company establishes a subsidiary enterprise DP SEMPAL in Cherkassy, which in a short time is mastering the production of flow areas of diameters DN 20 - DN 1000 mm, as well as a number of other components.
Now the high quality of metal parts and components that make up the ultrasonic counters is controlled inside the company SEMPAL.


By this time, SEMPAL has been in the lead in the market of Kiev for 4 years in terms of installed devices. At the same time, the regional dealer network of the company is developing - there are new regional dealers in Ukraine.
After a fairly successful growth of the enterprise in the domestic market of Ukraine, the Mission of the company and the main strategic goal were formulated.


 The company SEMPAL wins a number of regional tenders for the installation of heat meters. Among the tenders won there are tenders of the Kyiv City State Administration, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and many others. Within the framework of these tenders hundreds of heat meters have been installed at schools, kindergartens and hospitals, at all buildings of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, at numerous facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
By that time, the Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada, the National Bank, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the General Prosecutor's Office and the Supreme Arbitration Court of Ukraine, city and district administrations of the city of Kiev and practically all regions of Ukraine are among the clients of SEMPAL company. SEMPAL devices are installed at all stations of the Kiev subway, at the enterprises of Oblkommunenergo, the Kyiv Patriarchate, in the Livadia Palace Museum in the Crimea, as well as in thousands of houses, banks, schools and hospitals.
The company SEMPAL starts work on the promotion of its products in the markets of the former USSR countries - Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia and others. Since September 2003, the first small exports of ultrasonic counters produced by the company to foreign markets have started.

2004 – 2011

The serial production of several improved versions of two- and five-channel ultrasonic heat and water meters SVTU-10M, as well as other auxiliary and test equipment was mastered. The development and production of the heat meter SVTU-11T and the water meter SVTU-11V with autonomous power supply have been completed.
The company continues to develop - new employees appear, departments and divisions become structured. At the same time when recruiting the staff, the basic approach has been adopted since the company was founded: a rigid selection of highly qualified personnel applying for a job in the company.
The company always has high requirements for accuracy, reliability and quality of products. For this purpose, in SEMPAL, in parallel with the development of new types of products, the development of the necessary test equipment for complex metrological, technological and other tests of each serial product is being carried out.
Particular attention is paid to the processes of continuous improvement of the equipment produced by the company.


The company SEMPAL actively participates in government programs for equipping large heat and power plants, boilers and water treatment plants of Ukraine with heat and water meters. In Ukraine and abroad hundreds of SEMPAL meters of large diameters have been installed - from 100 mm to 1000 mm.
For several years the company has been among the leading Ukrainian manufacturers and exporters of instrumentation products.

2014 - 2016

The company has its own Project Department and Assembly Unit. Now all the work on the inspection of the facility, the manufacture and approval of the project, as well as the installation and commissioning of SEMPAL equipment are made by the company's specialists.
The Project Department actively participates in the preparation of project documentation for the Heat and Energy Metering Units and for Individual Heat Points.


The development is completed and the serial production of a new heat and water meter, first of all aimed at small mass consumers - apartments, houses, cottages, small offices and enterprises, is started.
The new meter is available in diameters DN 15 - DN 100 mm. The device has an affordable price, is extremely simple in operation, has high reliability and wide functionality. Using SEMPAL Device Manager, thousands of such devices can be easily combined into a heat and water accounting system.
Currently SEMPAL is one of the leading manufacturers of energy-saving equipment in Ukraine. The company is a modern instrument-making enterprise of a full production cycle - from scientific and technical development to serial introduction. To date, tens of thousands of SEMPAL devices have been successfully operated in 300 cities of Ukraine and abroad at a variety of sites - from homes, schools, hospitals, administrative buildings and enterprises to large boiler plants, cogeneration plants and water utilities.
The trade mark SEMPAL is protected in 44 countries of the world. The company is certified according to the European quality standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO 18001: 2007 by the DEKRA certification body (Germany).