About us


The base and, at the same time, the driving force of SEMPAL is our people. Each of our employees is a competent and highly educated person, a true professional in his field who is ready to take responsibility and make necessary decisions quickly.

We create high-end equipment that will work on your facilities at least for 15 years. This is why we ensure increased accuracy, reliability and quality in its development and serial production.

We try to make sure that every buyer who addresses us for the first time becomes our regular customer. And we are grateful to our clients, dealers and distributors who have installed tens of thousands of SEMPAL devices on their sites in different countries.


We produce mass state-of-the-art equipment for measurement and control of various energy parameters.

We offer our customers high-precision, reliable and multifunctional devices for a reasonable price that easily compete with the products of the world's largest companies.

We strive to ensure that our clients are as satisfied as possible with the quality of our equipment and, after the first purchase, become our regular customers.


To become a dynamically developing international company with a well-known brand and distribute devices we produce at first to the CIS region, and then to the other countries, confidently competing in price and quality with the world's leading manufacturers of such equipment.

To achieve maximum presence in the markets of different countries while maintaining minimal required size of the company.


Each assembly operation and each production process must be performed with the highest possible quality or not performed at all.

Each employee is in a state of constant improvement of his fabrication procedure as well as other manufacturing processes of the company.

                       EMPLOYEE RELATIONS STRATEGY 

     Our company's strategic goals are the constant improvement of financial conditions and social security of its employees, maintaining their high morale and confidence in the future, constant development of their personal professional qualities and, ultimately, formation of a professional team able to solve any problems efficiently and overcome obstacles.

   In turn, employees, fully aware that their material and social situation is directly conditioned by the financial capabilities of the company, make every effort to ensure that their work is performed in the best possible way.


SEMPAL was founded in 1992 and is one of the leading manufacturers of energy-saving equipment in Ukraine. The company is a modern instrument-making enterprise of a full production cycle - from scientific and technical development to serial introduction. To date, tens of thousands of SEMPAL devices are successfully operated in 300 cities of Ukraine and abroad at a variety of sites - from homes, schools, hospitals, administrative buildings and enterprises to large boiler plants, heating plants and water supply facilities. The SEMPAL trademark is protected in 44 countries of the world. The company is certified according to the European quality standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO 18001: 2007 by DEKRA certification organ (Germany).


SEMPAL produces the following types of energy-saving equipment:

• Ultrasonic heat and water meters SVTU-10 and SVTU-11 - high-precision commercial heat and water account at any objects with pipeline diameters from 15 to 1000 mm;

• Temperature regulators C-11 - weather and time control of heat consumption at the facility;

• Hot water systems (HWS) - reduction of payment for heat and water due to automated regulation of heat and water consumption at the facility;

• SEMPAL DM software - creation of modern energy resources accounting and control systems.


1. SEMPAL ultrasonic heat meters, regulators and individual heat points are characterized by increased accuracy, reliability and quality and are designed for years of operation in the most severe conditions. At the same time, SEMPAL equipment allows to sharply reduce the payment for heat and quickly pays off – usually for one, maximum two heating seasons.

2. Along with serial production, our company also performs the design, delivery, installation and launching of SEMPAL energy-saving equipment, and also provides direct technical support.

3. SEMPAL is a 100% Ukrainian energy-saving equipment manufacturer as well as one of the largest exporters and taxpayers in the instrument-making industry. The high quality of our devices is confirmed by their successful long-term operation at tens of thousands of sites in different countries.


SEMPAL offers you to install our equipment at your facilities and include it in energy saving projects.

We constantly expand the dealer network. If your company is a design, assembly or installation organization or a supplier of equipment - please contact us. We are always glad to cooperate and look forward to be useful to you!